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The Answer is in the Story.

What if the answer to everything is in the stories?

What if the collective stories hold the answers to heal our world?

What if the answers we are seeking lie in the hidden stories that have been tucked away?

What if it is in the story that is kept to ourselves because it hurts too much...or exposes too much?

What if the stories hold....

the meaning?





that everyone is seeking.

What if YOUR story is someone else's answer?

This is why I share. This is why I co-host a podcast. This is why every platform I come across, I am vulnerable and honest. The stories bring the healing. The feeling of not being so damn alone. Someone has to speak the words into existence. I feel called to do it and brave enough to do it because of those who have done it for me. Some published authors, some longtime friends, and sometimes it is in the stranger's story that I feel the most welcome.

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